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Warriors Agency
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by SGT Cody Smith and family on Warriors Agency

Dave helped us buy our very first house. We had heard this process is difficult especially using the VA Loan. Dave worked with us and was patient until we found the "right one" for us. Once we found our dream home, he and his team work to get us to get everything done in a timely manner. After the sale, he offered to come out and help us if there was any work we needed to do on the house and made good on that offer. He came out to help install some flooring recently and even loaned us some of his tools for us to finish the job. He made the whole process from start to finish a lot easier. We recommend Dave for your needs in using the VA. He is honest and willing to fight to get you the right price. Definitely goes above and WAY beyond what was expected.

by SFC Casarez and family on Warriors Agency

Dave is truly a God-send, he is a fellow brother in arms and goes well ABOVE and BEYOND to ensure you and your family are taken care of and squared away even after the sale. I recommend Dave and his group to everyone even thinking of getting a new home. I have always heard using the VA loan was a nightmare, Dave took care of it all and squared me and my family away, truly outstanding..closed and moved in two weeks...fast... true Realtor Master...Dave and Warriors Agency Group should be the only realtors you deal with...all others will be your mistake...Dave is truly the best

by JB and Jackie Foote on Warriors Agency

Dave was absolutely fantastic. He didn’t give any run around or try to get us in a house to make money. Yes, he made some money, but he was far more concerned with the house we purchased accommodating my family. I have 6 daughters and size of home and schools were very important. However, we needed to not break the bank every month. (Six daughters are not the cheapest.) Dave didn’t even show us homes that were not up to what our standards were for all of our requirements. He turned into a friend and someone I hope to stay in contact with while he also maintained a consummate professional throughout the entire process. He fights for you to get the things you want or deserve as if it is for himself.

If you are torn on whether to use Warriors Agengy Group and Dave Anderson, and a review is going to be what puts you over the fence then I truly hope you read all of his reviews and make a decision that will only benefit you and your family.

by John Elfers on Warriors Agency

I give Mr. Dave Anderson five stars a crossed he is a very good realtor he helps you find what you’re looking for and he goes beyond and above I referred him Anybody who’s looking to buy house he helped me and my two kids find our house so I think you very very much

by Erik and Sabrena Johnson on Warriors Agency

I heard about The Warrior Agency through a friend a few months ago and honestly, I thought buying a home would be a big hassle. My buddy encouraged me to give Dave a call and told me he made it easy for him. So I did, and I couldn’t be happier. I am sitting in the dining room of my new home, as I write this review, just in time for Christmas! Dave is one of the most genuine human beings I know and has become a friend. He handled everything and was very knowledgeable about getting me through the VA Loan process. Once he knew what we were looking for, all I had to do was look at the homes he found, pick one and then sign the paperwork. It was that easy. Dave and The Warrior Agency has made a customer for life. Semper Fi

by Timothy Garcia on Warriors Agency

Dave is an excellent agent. He is very knowledgeable with VA reality benefits. He works hard on making sure that you will be satisfied with your sale or purchase. Highly recommend. Great guy.

by The Brittain's on Warriors Agency

Dave was awesome!! He fought for us even when it looked like we were not going to get the house. But he never gave up! Dave gave us a truly wonderful home buying experience for our first home!! We will never go to another agency. Thank you for everything. And thank you for becoming a great friend.

by Deborah and Tyrone Anderson on Warriors Agency

Ok, where do we begin. First, this is a true review from a real customer. No, no relations to Dave - although many times it felt as though he was our long lost big brother that we knew we would need in our home ownership journey. I can’t say enough of his deligent pursuit of making sure we knew he was on our side and not that of the home builders. Which he had no idea, that was our number one fear. We’ve been homeowners before and found that one can say they are on your side but their actions spoke differently. That was never the case with Dave. From the very beginning he made it his passion to voice to us and show the builder that he was here representing me and my husband, who is a service connected gulf war disable veteran.
Needless to say - my husband trust’s no one. But when I introduced him to Dave, he took to Dave immediately. Then privately told me - “that’s our guy” - I thought, what a relief, our search was over. From a billboard to introduction, to signing with Dave and finally to closing - Dave has been there each and every time any questions or anxiety arose. He was always there for suggestions and since he resides closer to the town we moved to - he would stop by at different stages of the building process, take pictures and send them to us. Even though I would inform him that we just went by ourselves, he still made sure we had pictures of the stage the process was in. Finally, during the final weeks, a certain matter came up with the builder that would have been disappointing. Although the correction was made as best to our satisfaction, Dave went to bat with the builder’s sales agent, letting them know all points in which they could do better and improve in the process. All I know is that Dave came into our lives at a time we truly needed a trusted and loyal realtor. Nothing else could do, and he delivered. Thanks Dave, and thanks for your continued support of any additional leads that would assist us in truly making our home a home and not just a house. We are Blessed!!!

by Jason Criss on Warriors Agency

My wife and I were driving back from Memphis one weekend and saw the billboard off 380. I reached out to Dave and we realized we both served in the same Battalion during the same time and instantly I knew we'd be taken care of. Dave and stuck through us and gave us the steps to make buying our first home a reality. I'd recommend him to anyone Veteran or not to reach out and let him help you reach your goal. Thank you Dave for everything you did for us and for sticking with us while we prepared to buy a home.

by Patrick Ervin on Warriors Agency

I saw Dave's billboard for Warrior's Agency on US 380 and automatically knew I wanted to look further into the Agency. I have purchased two other houses prior to purchasing this house and I can say this was the most seamless and quick process out of the three. There was no stress involved, but what I got was Dave Anderson going above and beyond what other realtors do for their clients. He was attentive to my wants and needs in the house I was looking for and he found the perfect house for me and my kids. Now, I am a homeowner again with the house I've wanted. What I didn't expect was the friendship that was built from this. A veteran taking care of and looking out for other veterans is something that Dave has done and I so appreciate it.

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